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"There is a family of musicians in Charlottesville unlike any place I have ever been. It's people like Michael Sokolowski who make it so special. He's world class."
   -- Dave Matthews, RCA Recording Artist

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    Music is the ephemeral art. Arising from and receding to silence, music exists as a living entity brought into being through the interaction of human organisms. Refusing to be objectified, music cannot be seen or grasped. A sound recording is itself only a footprint or kind of musical residue. Truly hearing and feeling live music is a direct connection to the pulse of life.

    Jazz is freedom music. The improviser's mind is unencumbered by abstraction; thought energy flows freely through disciplined hands. The musician becomes a decoder of life energy - a receiver/transmitter who translates silence into sound for an audience. Together they travel to the eternal space of the moment.

    --Michael Sokolowski

Michael Sokolowski performs pieces for solo piano every other Monday night, 10 p.m., at Miller's Restaurant, 109 W. Main Street, Charlottesville, VA, 804-971-8551. He is a member of, and has recorded with Soko and Offering. He also appears on Common Margins, a recording of piano/guitar duets with Tim Reynolds.

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