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PRO: A deep, freaky, way-out-there re-release of a live performance recorded May 24, 1991 at the Prism Coffeehouse.
CON: May be too spacey for some people.
PRO: A truly unusual setting for the three fusionoid musicians-- a session of raw ambient improvisation on a sensual and moody mish-mash of acoustic and electric instruments.
CON: Will definitely be too spacey for some people.
PRO: Tim Reynolds (of TR3 and Dave Matthews Band fame) can be heard in his middle-eastern mediation fusion period spacing out handily on violins, guitars, slot drums, and a number of musical religious artifacts.
CON: It's really spacey.
PRO: These three manage to conjure more layers of dynamic, interactive sound from a live (and mostly acoustic) session than most musicians can produce in an elaborate multi-track studio environment.
CON: Really, really spacey.
PRO: Features a new 24 minute bonus studio track recorded earlier this year.
CON: It's spacey, too.
PRO: Brian Eno would be proud.
CON: Bloody spaceman.
FAVORITE TRACK: #6 "Sun Spot" -- To be honest, this whole record is really magical, and the only reason this jam stuck out at all was the sudden introduction of Worth Proffitt's nagging blues harmonica in the middle of an otherwise otherwordly jazz meditation. Great disc.
4.5 quacks

— Cripsy Duck, Stocking Stuffers: Cripsy's Gift Boot, C-VILLE Weekly, December 6, 1999



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